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Commercial Sustainability

The manufacturers we represent are poised and ready to meet the new challenges that are presented to the consumer when it comes to sanitary and safe utility delivery. These are some ways that we stay ahead of the curve.

Zurn Water Solutions

Hydro•X Powered sensor faucets by Zurn generate power for the fixture by the water circulating within the faucet, providing 10 years of uninterrupted battery life.


“Elkay is committed to protecting the environment and the communities where we work and live.”

Elkay filtered ezH2O bottle filling stations reduce lead and other harmful particulates, putting cleaner, healthier water within everyone’s reach.

E&I – Lab Automated Control Systems

Classroom safety is the top priority when it comes the LACS division of E&I. Developed by electrical engineers, ease of operation and reduced chance of utility liabilities is the primary objective of these systems.


Eliminating the need for direct-bonding & utilizing a metallic-shield within its protective jacket, Gastite’s FlashShield+ piping delivers industry leading household fault current and lightning protection.


For a safer, more cost-effective backflow protection system, Safe-T-Cover offers aluminum enclosures that can be customized to fit to job specification, eliminating underground vault.


Elkay® outdoor bottle filling stations and drinking fountains offer attractive, long-lasting durability to withstand tough weather conditions.